This bag is ready to endure the lifestyle of having a new born. It can handle any spill or scratch that comes its way, all while keeping your babies essentials safe.

Bottle Warming Slot

Having a USB slot in your baby bag allows you to heat up your baby bottle wherever you go. This slot also has the ability to charge your phone while you are out and about.

Wipe Dispenser

The wipe dispenser feature keeps your baby wipes easily accessible and ready to go whenever you need them. Insert the wipes into the compartment and you can remove them with ease.

Honeycomb Padding

As a new parent you have a lot of weight on your shoulders, but with honeycomb padding on your shoulder straps the weight almost feels like it disappeared.

Stroller Hooks

Stroller hooks make it quick and easy to strap your bag to your stroller and take it wherever you go.

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